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Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Laureus Edition Track Runs

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Though spotting an exotic car anywhere in the world is an exciting moment, there’s nothing quite like seeing one in its natural habitat, hugging the corners of the track and flying down straightaways as fast as they can.

Feature / Schmuckbild / Hintergrund / Hintergrundbild: Laureus SLS GT 3 Pressekonferenz/ PK / Pressegespraech: Laureus SLS GT 3 Sport allgemein: LAUREUS WORLD SPORTS AWARDS 2015, Shanghai, China, 14.04.2015-- Other Sports / Sports and Society: LAUREUS WORLD SPORTS AWARDS 2015, Shanghai, China, April 14 , 2014.

MDKSuperCars spotted just such a moment not long ago, and shared a video of a particularly special Mercedes SLS on YouTube Sept. 9. The Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Laureus Edition was a significant creation from Mercedes-Benz for a few reasons. Created in a special livery and shared with the world in a press release April 14, it was both the 100th SLS AMG GT3 created and an impressive donation to the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

An anonymous donor purchased the GT3 Laureus Edition as a special edition for the Foundation, and as the release describes, “with a significant bonus-donation, he fully dedicates the car to the purpose of Laureus.” In total, €250,000 was donated to the Laureus Foundation, and the car was dedicated for use by the Laureus Foundation at future charitable events.

Of course, to keep a car like that in running order, it has to be used occasionally and properly. So a few runs out on the track are sincerely a necessity to the engine’s health. No surprise, then, that it was out and about for a beautiful drive.

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Check out the video above, see the photos from this special edition’s handover at the Laureus World Sports Awards in Shanghai below and find your own SLS AMG from our exclusive listings.

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(Source: YouTube, Mercedes-Benz)

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