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Mercedes S63 AMG with World’s First Ever 23k Gold Calipers by Rich B. Caliente

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When Rich B. Caliente (, @richbcaliente) designs a car, much more than just manual labor goes into it. His passion and desire to make each vehicle a completely unique work of art are the driving force behind each project. Cars designed by Rich B. Caliente are not pieced together in a couple of days; the drawing board stage can take up to three weeks. During this stage, he draws from various inspirations. Whether it be racing heritage, literature, film, street art or movies, anything can spark his creativity.

In a recent interview with Rich B. Caliente, he explained why he goes to the lengths he does. “I create these cars because it’s my passion,” he told us. “It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.” Each design he creates is completely original and draws inspiration from the creativity of both himself and his clients.

He says that all of his clients play a huge part when it comes to the design. “When a client lays their hands the steering wheels, they feel an automatic connection to their automotive piece of art,” Rich B. Caliente said. “And that’s only possible if they have a hand in the creative process.”

S63 RBC 4[1]

One of his latest creations involved a 2014 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG aka #Firefox and copious amounts of gold leaf. The car’s original lines are complemented by a set of the first Brabus carbon fiber inserts in the United States. Its exterior is seamlessly wrapped with the first process of the exclusive #blackskullz edition in matte black, which was a three-week process.

Adding to the car’s exterior aesthetics are the black-smoke painted exterior trim and exhaust tips, embossed badging, custom carbon diffuser with  Formula 1-inspired brake lights and a set of 22″ RichBCaliente Edition Forgiato wheels. This was the second time these wheels have been used – the first were placed on Rick Ross’ Rolls-Royce Wraith.

The highlight of this car is in an area most don’t think to modify: the brake calipers. Rich B. Caliente is the first person to ever hand lay 23k gold leaf over the four calipers and cure it to be drivable without melting, which was a seven week process. These are, by far, the most unique and elegant brake calipers on a car today.

S63 RBC 7

When the final stage of crafting the calipers was complete, Rich B. Caliente said that he was ecstatic, jumping up and down. Not only was a long-term project completed, but his vision had become reality.

Rich B. Caliente’s inspiration for the black and gold theme found on this car came from the movies of the 80s. More specifically, he was inspired by the 1982 movie “Firefox,” starring Clint Eastwood. The movie featured a futuristic fighter-plane, clad in matte black, just like this exclusive Mercedes-Benz now is. And, to get the car closer to the speeds of a super-sonic jet, the ECU was tuned to now pump out 700 hp. Rich B. Caliente as told us that this car was “based on the 80’s and early 90’s style of AMG.”

S63 RBC 2

Other works created by Rich B. Caliente include a custom wrapped Lamborghini Aventador Roadster for LeBron James and a number of other cars for tastemakers in every industry.

As Rich B. Caliente told us, “Through these projects, I plan to bring passion back to an industry that’s becoming more and more monotonous by the day.”

After this project, we at duPont REGISTRY are very excited to see what Rich B. Caliente has in store for us next.


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S63 RBC 4[1]

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Photos by Solomon Lunger