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Mercedes-Benz’s Final Design for Arrow 460 Granturismo Yacht

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At the Sept. 19, 2012 Monaco Yacht Show, Mercedes-Benz and Silver Arrows Marine presented renderings and sketches of a possible yacht they were attempting to create. The yacht’s styling and levels of luxury, even from afar, were prestigious, a sure-to-be icon in any marina around the world. Now, a year later, Mercedes-Benz and Silver Arrows Marine have presented the final layout for their newly developing vessel, the ARROW460 – Granturismo.

The yacht holds an exterior design that complements the royal, futuristic layout found under the deck. The interior, which wasn’t seen until this year’s Sept. 25 Monaco Yacht Show, seamlessly blends itself with a timeless elegance. Mercedes and Silver Arrows believe that the sporty surfaces create an emotion that will be recognized for years.


“We have created something unique with the ARROW460 – Granturismo. I am convinced that for many years to come the yacht will be an eye-catching addition to the seas and yacht marinas of the world,” said Ron Gibbs, Chairman of Silver Arrows Marine Ltd in a Sept. 26 press release.

The yacht is set to be 14 meters long (45.93 feet) and will be powered by two diesel engines that produce 480 hp each. Inside the vessel you’ll find amenities, such as beds and couches designed for the finest comfort, which slide into place at the press of a button to allow for extra space. The bathroom, while not specified of its equipment, is said to be of the highest quality and privacy.


From the inside, the outdoors may still be enjoyed. Side windows throughout the vessel slide open, and if you require more air, the large front window lifts open. The deck gets its unique look from a high-tech synthetic material that enhances the sharp, muscular look outside. While there may be many windows, you are not forced to sit in the sun; the glass consists of glazing that automatically adjusts itself according to the intensity of the sun to limit the amount of light that reaches the interior.

If all of this isn’t enough for you, you can act fast and purchase the Edition 1 model of the Arrow 460. The Edition 1 model will be a limited production model to introduce the new line of high-end yachts and will consist of extra features such as an ice-cream maker and a wine cellar. The starting price of the limited edition yacht is a mere $1,688,000, and it can be ordered through Silver Arrow Marine. While you may order yours now, the first customers won’t receive theirs until early 2015.