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Mercedes-Benz SLC Coming in 2015

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Mercedes-Benz has a new model in the works that is going to sit right below the SLS AMG, and will compete with the Porsche 911. The upcoming Mercedes SLC is the latest from the German automaker that will have sports car enthusiasts worked up.

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While we haven’t officially seen what the SLC looks like, Mercedes did release some “official spy photos” of the car under some serious camouflage. In the pictures, you see a body style very similar to the SLS AMG, but this may due to Mercedes using bodypanels from the SLS for testing.

Performance details are also unknown, but according to AutoExpress it could use Mercedes new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. With this engine, the SLC could produce upwards of 480 bhp.

Expect to see the Mercedes-Benz SLC being released in mid 2015.



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