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Mercedes-Benz S-Guard: Bulletproof Design

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Mercedes-Benz revealed in a Facebook post today a glimpse of their low-profile, high-protection GUARD division, which is devoted to building armored vehicles for government officials.

The post featured a picture of a new S-Class riddled with bullet dents and fractured-but-still-intact glass. Its caption described the GUARD Division’s mission, and included a link to a Feb. 20 Twitlonger interview with one of their production engineers, Alex.


In the interview, Alex divulged that while the S-GUARD might look like a regular S-Class, it weighs approximately twice as much as the regular car and is powered by a V12 to compensate for the sedan’s additional heft.


When probed to describe the program, Alex explained that the small elite team is charged with the responsibility of development and construction of the vehicles, but shied away from specific details of the vehicles coming out of GUARD.

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The division’s concern for secrecy is understandable, as upper-level politicians and other power figures’ safety would be at risk if too much were divulged about the vehicles.


The interview also offers a different look at Mercedes-Benz, as it chronicles Alex’s entrance to Daimler as an intern and his progression to his current and, frankly, very interesting sounding position. Read the full interview by clicking here, and check out our full inventory of Mercedes-Benz listings at the button below.

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(Source: Facebook, TwitLonger)

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