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Mercedes-Benz Research Vehicle at Inaugural CES Asia in Shanghai

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At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mercedes-Benz stole the show with their keynote address and introduction of the F 015 Luxury in Motion Research Vehicle, a beyond-futuristic-looking vehicle prepped to do all the driving for you.

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So of course it would only make sense for them to participate in the inaugural launch of CES Asia. Scheduled from May 25-27 in Shanghai, the event is meant to focus more heavily on regional technological developments while still maintaining an international connection. China is a critically important market for the development and success of new technologies, and is quickly emerging as one of the world’s financial superpowers, making the decision to host the event in Shanghai an obvious one.

“International CES Asia serves as the premier event for the consumer technology industry, showcasing the full breadth and depth of innovation in the Asian marketplace,” describes the event’s website, which details the 14 categories that exhibitors will be falling under, including automotive.

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Though Audi and the R8 e-tron were the keynote features, Mercedes-Benz shared photos of the F 015 in Shanghai on their Facebook page today, where the caption also announced the marque’s work on “a closer partnership with Baidu, a Chinese search engine.” Check out the stunning photos of this futuristic car in front of the city of the future, and browse our exclusive listings of Mercedes-Benzs for sale to find the ideal car to enter the future with.

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