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Mercedes-Benz G-Code Concept

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In a press release issued today, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the new G-Code concept. This Sports Utility Coupe (SUC) was designed by Mercedes’ studio in Asia and features many cutting edge design cues.

The G-Code itself is a 2+2 seater that measures 13.45 feet in length and 6.2 feet for width. With these dimensions, the coupe-like profile and muscular wheel arches, the G-Code has a very unique structure.

What’s even more unique is the G-Code’s technology. In the front of the SUC is a radiator grille that does more than allow air to flow through. When parked, the G-Code’s grille softly pulsates blue light. When driving, the grille lights up with different colors that move, depending on which drive mode is selected. In essence, the grille is the face of the G-Code and changes its expression depending on the state of the car.


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To enter the G-Code, simply open the counter-opening doors and you will be greeted with a technologically-advanced interior. Once you’ve taken a seat and activated the car through a smartphone, the instrument panel, steering wheel and pedals automatically extend and adjust into their correct positions. Above the instrument panel is a multi-informational display that extends out and gives a complete overview of the G-Code’s functions.

As far as a drivetrain goes, the G-Code is equipped with an innovative setup. It can either be a front-wheel drive car powered solely by the gas engine, an all-electric rear-wheel drive car or fully variable in all-wheel drive mode.

While the Mercedes-Benz G-Code is simply a concept for the time being, it is still an exciting look into the future.












(Image and News Source: Mercedes-Benz / Daimler)

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