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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Profiles: Theophilus London

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The lifestyle championed by Mercedes-Benz isn’t one reserved exclusively for road time. The German marque draws design inspiration from every aspect of life, and encourages other aspects of life to draw inspiration from them.


From sponsoring Fashion Week events world wide, to their own fashion line, characterized most recently as the Champions of Fashion, Mercedes-Benz makes active efforts to connect the design aesthetic of what we wear and what we drive. To further highlight this pursuit, they unveiled the Style Profiles project in 2014, and today they’ve added the latest installment to their series.

Recording artist Theophilus London has an undeniably unique sound, with a new take on a genre that some argue is played out. As Mercedes-Benz’s website says, “His songs splice hip-hop, soul, R&B and electronic,” all while putting his own style on the sound and his appearance.


His second album, “Vibes,” was produced entirely by Kanye West, and the cover was shot by Karl Lagerfield himself. There’s no questioning whether Theophilus London is a new player in the music and fashion industries; he’s already standing at the forefront.

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Mercedes-Benz profiled this up and coming star in their first Style Profile of 2015 and fourth profile overall, taking advantage of the industrial feel of the Los Angeles River. Theophilus floats above it all, while paired with the unique SLS AMG, “whose gullwing doors highlight the airy theme like no other car ever could.”


They also added an album to their Facebook page March 16 previewing a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this Style Profile, with two of the unique outfits Theophilus sports. Check out the profile above, and be sure to visit Mercedes-Benz’s website to learn more about their Style Profiles, which featured Quentin Jones, Ada Kokosar and Leandra Medine in 2014.

Find yourself an SLS AMG to bring some airy vibes into your life at the button below, and don’t forget to throw on London’s “Vibes” once you get behind the wheel.


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(Source: Mercedes-Benz, Facebook, YouTube)

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