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Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster Sells for $1.3 Million

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After the 1998 racing season, Mercedes-Benz wanted one last hoorah for the CLK GTR racecar before it was replaced by the CLK LM. So, the company built 26 more CLK GTR’s, six of which were CLK GTR Roadsters. Only one Roadster can be found in the United States, and it just sold at the RKMCCA Auction for $1.3 million.

The RKMCCA Charlotte Auctions are well known for being one of the best and most prestigious auctions in the United States, featuring items such as James Hunts F1 series winning McLaren racecar and Mustangs reminiscent of Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds. The Roadster sold at the Oct. 31 auction. Originally available for purchase beginning in April on both eBay and the duPont REGISTRY for just shy of $2 million, it sold for a steal.


The new owner of the Roadster is certainly more than happy. The endurance racecar is driven by a 6.9-Liter V12 powerhouse producing 604 hp and 572 lb-ft of torque, all controlled by an F1 gearbox. The iconic supercar boasts the capability of going from 0-60 mph in a heart wrenching 3.8 seconds and carries its driver up to a top speed of 199 mph.

Such unique, exclusive vehicles are almost never available, and the story behind this one catches the eyes of enthusiast and collectors alike, right down to the purpose of its production. Keep up with the duPont REGISTRY, as well as the RKMCCA Auctions, to be the one to snag the next exclusive luxury and exotic supercar available.