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Mercedes and Airstream: A Collaboration of Two Iconic Brands

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Presented By Airstream

The Airstream Interstate is the result of collaboration between two of the world’s most iconic brands. Mercedes and Airstream have built their reputations designing, developing and introducing industry-leading products. Groundbreaking products. Mercedes and Airstream have so consistently built quality, luxurious vehicles that their company names alone elicit anticipation for products that don’t simply meet expectations, but instead, shatter them.


  • 2016_Interstate_EXT_Lounge_Onyx_Front_to_Back_Web
  • 2016_Interstate_EXT_Lounge_Blinds_Open_Web
  • 2016_Interstate_EXT_Back_to_Front_Columbian_Walnut_Oyster_Web
  • 2016_Grand_Tour_Work_Desk_Up_Web
  • 2016_Grand_Tour_Twin_Galley_Web
  • 2016_Grand_Tour_Table_Up_Web
  • 2016_Grand_Tour_Rear_Storage_Twin_4_Web
  • 2016_Grand_Tour_Pantry_1_Web
  • 2016_Grand_Tour_Lounge_Down_Web

200-plus years of collective dedication to excellence and innovation have been poured into the Airstream Interstate. It stands to reason, therefore, that the Airstream Interstate is only Class B diesel motorhome that has been welcomed officially into the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA). With its 50 best-in-class features, the Airstream Interstate’s unparalleled styling and performance creates the kind of driving and lifestyle experience that discerning MBCA members not only understand, but also demand.


  • AIRMKT_TC_Lifestyle_Horse_Themed_Randoms_from_E3_PC1A6981
  • 2016_TC_Lake_Web
  • 2016_TC_Balloon_Web
  • 2016_Interstate_EXT_Front_Silver_Web
  • 2016_Interstate_EXT_3_Qtr_Silver_Web
  • 2016_Grand_Tour_Side_Screen_Scenic_Web

Whether the Airstream Interstate is used for a getaway in California’s Wine Country, a meandering drive up the Atlantic Coast, or a long weekend on Southern beaches, the experience will be unlike any other in its Class. Realistically, it will be unlike any other, period. The Airstream Interstate nameplate perhaps says more about the people in it than it does about the product itself.

Think about Shelby and Mustang: Two iconic brands collaborating in the spirit of developing something extra special. That’s Mercedes + Airstream and the Airstream Interstate. Ultimately, when giants work together it’s the selective consumer that wins.

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