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Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² Production To End

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Nothing this good can last forever. The roughest & most capable G Wagen is not long for this world. In a press release this morning, Mercedes-Benz announced it will take orders until the end of October. All Hallows Eve will not be as scary without the big 4×4² towering over everyone.

RENNtech Builds The Ultimate G500 4×4²

It is a logical decision. The public reacted to it with shock & awe, and they sold more than anyone expected. It is so different than the normal G Class that it requires its own assembly methods along with negotiations with suppliers of the specialized parts. If you ever see one in person, you can’t stop staring at the dual coil-over shocks at all corners.

The beastly portal axles offer twice the ground clearance of the normal G500. I am only 5’9″ with Timerlands on, and its a bit of a climb to get inside. Wearing 36″ tires on 22″ wheels appeals to the big kid in anyone, and they are probably the most aggressive tire on any production SUV. It is nice to have a 7″ tall sidewall, the cushy ride won’t spill your coffee. But from a practical standpoint, it doesn’t fit in with anything else in their inventory. The G63 and G65 AMG models will carry on, and the aftermarket makes most of these parts if you want to build your own version.

Our dealers are still taking orders for them, so click on the link below to get yours before collectors snatch them up. All we ask is that you get them muddy at least once a year. The triple-locking differentials need to be exercised, so hit the trails and stay with us for all your G Wagen updates.

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