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Fashion Creatives Film Introduced for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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“Life is an adventure, like a lion caught between two pandas, a deer in the headlights or a fistful of wolves. Aligning the star, Jupiter and Mars, that’s me, that’s – oh, f**k, where’s my keys?”

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Mercedes-Benz is preparing for their annual fashion week in Berlin, scheduled for Jan. 19-22, and has released the new Fashion Creatives film today. It begins with Justin O’Shea, buying director at, sitting in the Mercedes-Benz C111, reflecting on the important parts of life in a manner that calls back to a certain commercial featuring Matthew McConaughey, before it takes a sharp left turn.


In “A Fistful of Wolves,” O’Shea finds himself caught in a world of fashion advertising cliches after waking up “on the fashionable side of the bed.” Luckily, Fashion Editors Veronika Heilbrunner and Julia Knolle and the Chipperfield brothers are able to help him find his way back to normal.

Check out the video above, directed by Danny Sangra and uploaded to YouTube by Mercedes-Benz today, and the images below, posted to the Mercedes-Benz Facebook page today.

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(Source: Facebook, YouTube) 

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