Aftermarket Mercedes Benz S-Class

Bulletproof S-Class Limousine by Trasco Bremen

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Before the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman hits showroom floors, Trasco Bremen GmbH has introduced their very own armored S-Class limousine. Trasco Bremen has been producing armored vehicles since 1983, making them experts in the field— a fact made apparent in this new model.


This limousine comes stretched at the B-pillar by 19.6 inches, with a multifunction partition in the middle section. This partition includes a large monitor and multimedia controls. On either side of the partition is an exclusive leather-wrapped interior.


Trasco has also included an iMac multimedia center, Bang & Olufsen sound system and ambient LED lighting. The aforementioned monitor in the partition is used as a large display for the iMac system.

And, of course, this bad boy is armored.


Trasco states that this S-Class limousine has B6 level armoring, which is VPAM level 7. At this level, it can take rounds from an AK-47 and is effective in protecting its passengers from explosions.

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Passengers inside Trasco’s new S-Class limousine will be riding both safely and luxuriously.

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(Source: Trasco Bremen GmbH)

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