Mercedes Benz

Brief History of Mercedes-Benz

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The Mercedes-Benz slogan reads in German, “Das Beste oder nichts” which in English means, “The best or nothing”. This is a fitting slogan as the Mercedes-Benz name is often associated with the terms luxury, prestige, and of course, the best. However this company was not always the international distributor of luxury vehicles it is today.

When you think of the first automobile the name Ford probably comes to mind however this is not correct. Most encyclopedias as well as the esteemed Guinness Book of World Records give credit for the production of the first car to Karl Benz, co founder of Mercedes Benz. His 1886 Benz Patent Motor Wagon was one of the most outstanding innovations of its time. In 1901 Gottlieb Daimler produced a vehicle that he appropriately named Mercedes. Daimler, co founder of Mercedes-Benz, also gets credit for creating the first gas powered engine suitable for use in automobiles. The combination of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft  and Benz & Cie. in 1925 gave birth to the Daimler- Benz motor company eventually evolving into the prestigious Mercedes-Benz motor company we know today.

Daimler Benz

(Left Daimler, Right Benz)

Mercedes-Benz boasts it is one of the most iconic emblems in the automotive industry. It did not begin as the three point star that we all know today. The evolution of this emblem has created several different designs associated with Mercedes-Benz, however two remain the most significant and identifiable. The first emblem was created in 1909. The Benz & Cie. wanted to have the Benz name surrounded by a laurel wreath as their emblem. In 1925 just as the merger was taking place the decision was made to use the three point star surrounded by a solid silver circle to represent this historic and prestigious brand.



According to Guinness Book of World Records, the Mercedes S class is the most reliable car in the world. Not an astonishing fact considering the remarkable history of this motor company. With a history like that one can hardly say that the company came from humble beginnings. Its co-founders are accredited with the creation of the first automobile as well as the first fuel powered engine, this company is teeming with historical significance.  The iconic Mercedes-Benz emblem is displayed prestigiously on luxurious automobiles produced by one of the most historically important motor companies in the world.