Mercedes-AMG GT3 Unveiled

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In a world with this crazy thing called “the internet,” it’s difficult to keep anything a secret for very long.

Mercedes-AMG is the latest to have the cover lifted off one of their projects prematurely, as photos of their AMG GT3, which was officially confirmed in a Feb. 12 press release, have been leaked to the masses.


The much anticipated Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car was unveiled in a press release issued by Mercedes-Benz today. The new GT3 variant will feature the same engine as the SLS AMG GT3, which has proven both its power and reliability.

As the Mercedes-AMG website states about the SLS AMG GT3, which features gullwing doors, the model has completed more than 217,480 race miles since its introduction. Whether the AMG GT3 will also feature the six-speed racing transmission from the SLS AMG GT3 has yet to be determined.


From looking at the leaked pictures, it is clear that the interior of this AMG GT3 has been stripped down to bare bones to lighten weight as much as possible, and there is quite a bit of carbon fiber detailing to be seen.

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 We certainly look forward to seeing the full reveal of Mercedes-AMG’s newest model at the Geneva international Motor Show. But as we wait, make sure you take a look at our full inventory of Mercedes-Benzs by hitting the button below.

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(Source: Mercedes-Benz)

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