David Coulthard Takes Out the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

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The Mercedes-AMG GT doesn’t technically exist yet, but that didn’t stop F1 driver David Coulthard and the Red Bulletin from taking one out for a day around the track.

Mercedes-Benz shared a few photos to their Facebook page Jan. 16 from the day that Coulthard, Red Bulletin and the AMG GT spent together, as well as a video of Coulthard whipping the pearl white car around some tight corners. A recent article from Red Bulletin described the full day in intricate detail, down to the lines Coulthard hit going around the Red Bull Ring racing circuit in Spielberg, Austria.

Though the base AMG GT is set to produce 456 hp, the particular example Coultard took out creates 510 hp.

Overall, Coultard was impressed.

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“This car will make a lot of people who’ve driven a Porsche 911 up till now think again,” Coulthard said to Red Bulletin. “What marks out BMW, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes- AMG is that they make cars that work on a racetrack, but are still suitable for everyday use. That’s actually a really tough job.”

Be sure to give the video above a watch to see Coulthard’s day on the ring, flip through the pictures below, check out the Red Bulletin’s full article and stay with us for more news about AMG GT as it is released.


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