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2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Details in Photos

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The new 2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG 4MATIC is a remarkable vehicle chalk-full of features. From the automatic logic-controlled exhaust flaps, to the refrigerator box in between the rear seats, you can spend hours pointing out the finer details of this car.

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In a gallery posted to Facebook by Mercedes-Benz USA Aug.22, these features were detailed not only in the captions, but through fantastic photos by Paid2Shoot. Below are the images with their respective captions. Be sure to check them all out to learn what this luxury sedan has in store for you.

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“A look at the S63 AMG Sedan’s 500+ LEDs. The world’s first vehicle without a single light bulb, the light’s better quality and uses less power. Which may be the only time an AMG eschewed power.”
“Just below the doors, side sill panels with three-dimensional inserts make the S63 Sedan appear even lower and longer than it already is, creating an aggressive flow along its sculpted flanks. It’s a feature the S63 shares with its V-12 bretheren, the S65 AMG, but whereas the S65’s inserts are chrome, the S63’s are matte silver.”
“The S63 AMG Sedan’s rear passengers may both love high performance, but have differing taste in entertainment. That’s why each of them can independently access the entertainment system.”
“For anyone who needs more of a symphony than the one provided by its handcrafted biturbo V-8, the S63 AMG Sedan’s available Burmester 3D surround sound system should do the trick. Combining analog and digital signals and a 1,540-watt amp, the Burmester 3D system delivers the most natural sound spectrum in any musical genre through 24 speakers and a trunk-mounted subwoofer—with its own dedicated 400-watt amp. As an added flourish, the speaker grilles themselves are laser-etched.”
“Looking for extreme detail? Look no further than the S63 AMG Sedan’s full-LED active headlamps. Only the most discerning people would notice it and only the most discerning manufacturer would include it.”
“It’s not just that it has seven shades of selectable interior ambient lighting, it’s that the S63 Sedan uses nearly 300 LEDs laced throughout the cabin to do it. “
“Not just the recipient of a handcrafted 5.5-liter biturbo V-8, the S63 AMG Sedan also gets more aggressive aerodynamic aids, larger anti-roll bars and more. What it all means is that AMG has gone to its usual extremes to ensure the big sedan has the agility to match its incredible power.”
“The S63 AMG Sedan’s passengers can use a convenient remote to operate the intelligent COMAND system’s information and entertainment functions from the comfort of their reclining captain’s chairs.”
“The S63 AMG’s interior options are as carefully curated as what’s under the hood, like the active ventilated seats. Standard up front and available at the rear, these seats are equipped with three levels of not only heating, but cooling, too. Experience it once and it’ll become a luxury you’ll fast consider a necessity.”
“The S63 AMG Sedan’s aggressive front fascia isn’t just for looks. Built into the base is a three dimensional front splitter that reduces front axle lift at high speeds. “
“Beveled edges machined to perfection abound in the S63 AMG Sedan, even in its 19-inch wheels’ center caps. There are no functional reasons for that much attention; the only reasons are the high standards we have for ourselves.”
“Under the hood, the S63 AMG Sedan’s performance is unquestionably red hot. But when it comes to the refrigerator box between the rear seats, it’s cold as ice.”

(Source: Mercedes-Benz USA / Facebook)


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