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2015 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

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We knew it was coming, but we couldn’t have imagined they would go this far. The new Mercedes-AMG GT is a 4.0L V8 powerhouse complete with twin turbos and more than 500 HP. If you want a small displacement V8 with the power of a supercar, you can now have it in a sleeker package.

In a press release issued earlier today, Mercedes-Benz announced that the new C63 AMG will be packing this potent powermill under the hood. The previous C63 had a naturally aspirated 6.2L V8 rated at 451 HP. Going smaller and adding turbochargers is the environmentally and MPG conscious way to have your cake and eat it too. The base model C63 (if there is such a thing) will make 469 HP and 479 lb-ft, while the C63 S version will be rated at an axle-snapping 503 HP and 516 lb-ft of torque. The engineers say that this new powerplant uses 32 percent less fuel.


An exclusive version of the C63 S will be available at launch. The “Edition 1” will offer forged two-tone wheels and distinctive black and graphite grey accents on the exterior. The interior will feature diamond-stitched Nappa leather with a microfibre flat-bottom steering wheel.

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Taking the latest and greatest engine and stuffing it into your smallest RWD platform is a proven recipe for success. As usual, the brakes will be Boeing-sized, and the AMG Speedshift seven speed automatic returns with faster shifts than the predecessor. To put that power to the pavement, the C63 packs a mechanical locking differential while the C63 S will be electronically controlled. Allowing the AMG Sport Suspension to control the amount of bias in left/right power distribution will make this overpowered sedan stay on the asphalt during hard cornering.


Before the new C-Class sedan becomes a C63, the chassis is reinforced with thicker steel and more welds and gusseted for the higher cornering and acceleration stresses the car will undoubtedly endure. Another innovation is the optional performance exhaust system. Adjustable exhausts have up until now been of the dual mode variety. A valve in the exhaust opens at a predetermined amount of throttle to bypass the mufflers for more aggressive sound. Instead of choosing between quiet and loud, AMG has developed an infinitely variable system that offers acoustic upshifts and double-clutching feedback.

Zero to sixty happens in 3.9 seconds in the C63 S on the way to an electronically limited 155mph top speed. AMG has raised the bar for supercar sedans, and Cadillac better be taking notes. Pricing has yet to be released, but stay tuned to Autofluence for updates.

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