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Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series

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It was a beautiful Saturday morning here at the DuPont Registry’s Cars and Coffee event. This event is held every third Saturday of each month. Once the sun starts to peak over the horizon, so do all of the exotic cars. Auto enthusiasts start to show up at our event as early as 6AM in the morning, and stay till the Treacherous Tampa heat starts to set in around 9AM. If you can imagine a perfect collection of cars including American muscle, German engineering, and Italian styling then you would not believe your eyes at one of our events.

The duPont REGISTRY holds one of the largest Cars & Coffee in the South. When it comes to exotic and luxury cars, we have them all. You can be looking at a Porsche Carrera GT one second, turn around and have a Rolls-Royce Phantom coupe behind you. At this event I was given a task to find my favorite car and interview the owner. I waited around till almost all of the parking spots were filled, and then started to evaluate every car as to why or why not it should be chosen. After looking at several cars, I poked my head around the corner and saw a beautifully wrapped carbon fiber beast.


This beast is what you would call one of Mercedes-Benz greatest non supercar creation. What I had sitting right in front of me was the Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series. Even though the name is lengthy it still rolls right off the tongue. The owner of this Mercedes was Thomas Heinrichs, who is a Financial Advisor with a local Capital Advising company in Tampa. Thomas bought this beautiful German platform and took it to the next level in just six months. As if the Black Series stock 507BHP wasn’t enough, Mr. Thomas put in a few goodies from the tuning company Kleemann. Upgrades to the Black Series would include: ECU software, long tube headers, Ported and Polished high flow Throttle Bodies, and high flow euro air boxes.

These aren’t the only tasteful upgrades added to this not so silent but deadly car. Thomas also add a set of ADV.1 wheels and painted Brembo calipers to for some flare and performance. On some cars people might say there is just way too much carbon fiber, but on this car I found myself saying “I want more, I just want more….because if there is less, then I want more!” This CLK63 AMG Black Series had some form of carbon fiber on every aspect of this car and it was so tastefully done I might hang a picture of it in my office! This car was a real Monet when it comes to its beautiful styling and elegance. The only time this car isn’t elegant though is when you press the pedal down. In the words of Mr. Thomas himself “this car has a mind of its own, and will only go where it feels like going.” I asked Mr. Thomas if he had the beast dyno tuned and as any true car enthusiast he replied ”yes, I have.”


So I’m sure you are wondering what the number are on this German monster, well after the car spent some time on the Dynatec dyno it churned out over 500BHP to the wheels. That is comparable to a Porsche GT3 RS as far as 0-60 times and power numbers. When the CLK63 takes off from a dig it’s like thunder meeting a grizzly bear. This thing is utterly terrifying in terms of noise and power. The only thing that can stop this 6.2 liter power plant is the giant 6 pot painted Brembo calipers. Mr. Thomas has been coming to our Cars and Coffee here at the duPont REGISTRY for over 2 years now and when asked why he said “there is just nothing like it.”

Some other quick facts about Mr. Thomas are that his first car was a Saleen Mustang. His favorite car as of today would be the new McLaren mp4-12c spyder. His favorite stock to watch and trade is BAC (Bank of America). He is a member the Tampa Automotive club.