Aftermarket Mansory Mercedes Benz S-Class

1,000 hp Mansory Black Edition S63 Coupe

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Before the car’s official unveiling at the International Auto Show 2015 in Frankfurt, the new S63-based Mansory Black Edition has surfaced on the aftermarket company’s Facebook page yesterday, Sept. 7.


The description given by Mansory paints the Black Edition as a special edition model only to be produced 6 times, making it incredibly rare. It features bodywork comprised of carbon fiber, which aims to make the car as sleek, aggressive and aerodynamic as can be. This includes the large rear wing, additional air control blades, front fascia, side skirts, air vents and more.

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To make it even more tantalizing, Mansory upped the car’s power to 1,000 hp. Yes, you read that correctly: this S63 will produce as much, if not more, horsepower than most Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bugattis.

Expect to see more information about the Mansory Black Edition as the IAA 2015 starts on September 15.–amg

(Source: Facebook)

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