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Dream Living: Spencer Yachts’ 90-foot Betsy

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At Spencer Yachts, Captain Paul Spencer has proved once again nothing is impossible.

With their largest boat now complete, the 90-foot Betsy, Capt. Spencer is thrilled with the result.  “I’ve been told, ‘This boat defies the law of physics.’  It has four state rooms, a gym, a huge mezzanine, two full laundry rooms, a state of the art communication center with high-speed internet, and an extremely advanced entertainment center. I could keep going. It would take half a day to describe everything on board.”

Spencer Yachts continues to grow. Having just completed their 83rd boat, each Spencer Yachts owner (from the Atlantic seaboard to Texas, Hawaii, Spain, Puerto Rico, Panama and a few Caribbean islands) has built a boat fully customized to their specifications.


Price: N/A
Length: 90'
Beam: 22'
Engine: Four 1150 hp C18 ACERT Caterpillar Marine Engines
Max Speed: 38 kts
Cruising Speed: 33 kts
Range: N/A
Fuel Capacity: 4,500 gallons
Guests (+ Crew): 10
Cabins: N/A

“The 90-foot Betsy took two years to build. The owner was extremely involved in the building process.  Everything was built around his customizations, from the China cabinets, espresso machine and 50 bottle wine cellar, to satellite phones in the arm rests so he could conduct business while fishing,” states Capt. Spencer, who founded Spencer Yachts in 1996.

“We build any size boat, completely customized to the owner’s desires.  This makes building with us an exciting and unique experience.”

Being on board may feel like you’re staying at a 5 star hotel, until the Betsy begins to move. Powered by four 1150hp C18 ACERT Caterpillar marine engines, coupled with four ZF 4,000 POD drive propulsion packages, the 90-foot Betsy is able to cruise at 34 knots. Top speed is an astonishing 38 knots.

Capt. Spencer is confident in the Betsy’s handling as well. “We feel this boat will outperform anything on the water. It has an incredible ride, running through any chop at 30 knots.”

To achieve this performance, Spencer Yachts borrowed a weight saving page from the auto industry.  Where applicable, they used carbon fiber, a lightweight element that is extremely strong.  Each drive shaft on the ZF 4,000 pods is made from carbon fiber.

“We were able to save on weight, helping performance and efficiency. This boat can run on two of the four engines at a slower speed, allowing an incredible range with the 4500 gallon fuel capacity.”

As with every Spencer boat, the Betsy was fully tested until completion. There was a lot of fine-tuning that went into the Betsy.  The bow thrusters, propellers, and engines all needed to be synced.  The final product is nothing short of extraordinary.

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