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Mercedes Tuner Brabus Launches Custom Program for Private Jets

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Brabus is known for creating custom cars, especially for Mercedes-Benz but they are now throwing their hat into a new business.  They have been customizing yachts and vehicles for so long that this move comes as no surprise.

Brand-new executive jets will be the main focus in this program but Brabus says they will also redesign and customize aircrafts that are already in operation.  Jets will not be pimped-out however, they will be made more business-friendly and more luxurious.

Two different lines of planes will be on display at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition on May 14-16 in Geneva.  One will be called ‘elegance’ which focuses on luxury, while the ‘sportive’ line will obviously be more sporty.

“The exclusive customization of aircraft by the new BRABUS PRIVATE AVIATION business division is the logical evolution of the product portfolio for us,” says Prof. Bodo Buschmann, CEO of the Brabus Group. “A number of customers already asked us in the past to trim their yachts to fit their personal taste and there also have been repeated requests for custom-tailored Brabus interiors for private jets. That’s why in addition to our marine division we now also have the Brabus Private Aviation business division.”