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Gulf Livery Gallery

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There is one livery that always gets catches my attention no matter what may be wearing it, and that would of course be the Gulf Oil livery. It originated in 1967 when then Gulf Oil Corporation vice president, Grady Davis, entered his own GT40 at Daytona and Sebring. This was also the same year that Ford withdrew from sports car racing, allowing Gulf Oil to take over sponsorship of the new acquired GT40 race team, J.W. Automotive Engineering Ltd..

When the 1967 season started, the Gulf Oil cars were known as Mirages and were recognized by their Gulf Powder Blue finish with Marigold accents. Only three of these original Mirages were built, and only one exists today. In total, five JWAE/ Gulf Oil livery GT40s were created.

Even though the Mirages don’t race competitively anymore, they are still honored worldwide. Below are some vehicles wearing the famous blue and orange livery, paying homage to one of the most recognizable race teams in history.


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