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Airport Filled With 15,000 Flood-Damaged Cars from Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy was an absolute disaster in more ways than one. Homes were destroyed, lives were lost and flooded cars littered the streets. The recovery process after such a tragedy is expected to take time, and the cleanup isn’t going to be easy.

Thankfully, Calverton Executive Airport is allowing the use of their runway so thousands of the flooded cars can be stowed away on it. Close to 15,000 flood-damaged cars are being stored on the runway, as insurers are hoping to either scrap, or sell the cars outright.  Some of these cars will eventually make their way back into the used car market, which poses a new threat. Cars that were once flooded can be referred to as “ticking time bombs”, as they will be riddled with electrical and safety problems.

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Doug Kuntz, the photographers of these photos, wants everyone to know the dangers of purchasing flood-damaged cars like the ones in the photos he took. He says that the problems may not be apparent immediately, but in time they will show and these repairs will not be easy or cheap.

Kuntz suggests that all of these flood-damaged be scrapped as they can prove to be safety hazards and a drain on your wallet. So, if you are looking at a car with flood damage, think twice before you make the jump.


Source: Autoblog
Photo Credit: Doug Kuntz