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Why You Should Buy a McLaren P1

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Hybrid supercars are state of the art, and McLaren beat everyone else to the punch. Their P1 began production in 2013 and literally shocked the world with its potent power. They were the first to realize that electric power can be more than just a means to save gasoline.

Normal hybrids have electric motors and batteries that are better suited to golf carts than automobiles, but McLaren paired their 3.8L V8 with twin turbochargers to make 727 hp along with enough voltage to add another 176 hp. This potent combination allows the supercar to beat the best cars in the world while burning less fuel than the competition. Since the electric drive makes almost 200 lb-ft of torque, the P1 can be driven on battery alone if you require a stealthy exit.


After a full day of electric cruising, you could potentially use the V8 to charge the system. The batteries reach a full charge in 2 hours— just in time to swap the street tires for a set of race slicks and hit the track. Like all their predecessors, the P1 has no sway bars. The computer takes care of roll control, keeping you flat in the corners in order to lap your competition. The MP4 and 650S also use this system so if you haven’t driven a recent McLaren, you will be amazed at how each corner of the car stays planted to the pavement. Documentaries from the 50’s told us that this technology was coming, but once again McLaren did it first.

McLaren P1 Specs

There’s always a price to be paid by early adopters, but the only real problem was the limited production. Only 375 cars were built, so if you take yours out on the weekend you probably won’t see another one. The supercar has a standard EV charging port so if you stay out of the accelerator you won’t need to awaken the V8. Should you need to overtake the fastest production cars ever made, the P1 is the most sensible choice. You’ll be at 60 mph in well under 3 seconds and on your way to a top speed of 220 mph. You don’t need to be Italian or German to have this much fun. Building world dominating race car is still McLaren’s top priority, but we’re glad they chose to share some of that technology in their street-legal cars.

These cars may be rare, but selling exotic cars is what we love to do. Take a look at these McLarens and tell us which one you would buy. As always, stay tuned to Autofluence for your next car.

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