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Two McLaren 570S Prototypes at Dimmitt Automotive

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It’s the first model in McLaren’s highly anticipated Sport Series, and while it hasn’t been released for sale just yet, Dimmitt Automotive Group in St. Petersburg, Florida is anticipating a waiting list at least a year long.

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There are currently two prototypes of this powerful daily driver on display at Dimmitt Automotive Group, one in Blade Silver and the other in Ventura Orange. The Blade Silver example was first introduced to the dealership April 18, during their monthly Cars & Coffee After Party, and the Orange arrived just this past weekend. The two are both stunning, and it’s difficult to compare one with the other.

Of course, these are just the prototypes. Both were on display at the New York Auto Show, which served as the official unveiling of this model, meaning these both are another example of automotive history in Tampa Bay.

Though based on the 650S, there are certainly some significant changes that make this model more attuned to daily use. The carbon fiber tub is 3 inches lower while the doors rise 30 percent higher, creating more space at the entry point. The engine, while still capable of 0-60 mph accelerations in 3.2 seconds, has been redesigned to be more resilient to regular use.

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But of course, there’s still the track package option – three built in cameras come with that selection, with one in the front, one in the rear and one in the middle of driver and passenger, all to record your performance and reactions.

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Starting prices have been set at $184,900, but Dimmitt Automotive anticipates selling out for at least a year. To learn about making one of these your own, be sure to contact their McLaren Sales Specialist, Matt Jones, or visit www.Dimmitt.com.


(Source: Dimmitt Automotive)


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