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Twelve-Year-Old Crushes Drag Race in McLaren 650S

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In the United States, the legal age to drive is 16-years-old, but that hasn’t stopped 12-year-old Steven Aghakhani from getting behind the wheel of one of the most sought after supercars. Though he hasn’t had as much time on the track as other racers, the pre-adolescent definitely has some driving skills. In the video below, watch Aghakhani jump into the driver’s seat of a McLaren 650S and face off against Team GSA’s Bryce Diamond- a decidedly older and more experienced driver.

Aghakhani, who started kart racing at age eight, has taken to the likes of major sports cars and has placed in many races. In fact, according to his website, “Steven has trapped record speeds for his age, 169.53mph in a 1/2 mile driving a Mclaren 650 S and 173.67 in the Porsche 918 Spyder.” His choice car? The McLaren 650S. So, does Aghakhani win the drag race? Check out the full video below to find out.

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