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Track-Focused McLaren 650S Sprint Unveiled

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McLaren unveiled the new 650S Sprint in a press release issued today, and the car itself will make its global debut at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d-Elegance. Based on the recently launched 650S Coupe, the new 650S Sprint is a more track-focused model.

Aerodynamically speaking, the 650S Sprint offers increased levels of downforce when compared to the road-going version. The most notable downforce-creating exterior piece is the large carbon fiber rear wing. McLaren has also revised the car’s air intakes for maximum cooling of the 3.8-liter twin-turbo M838T engine, the same engine found in the 650S Coupe and Spider.


Mechnically speaking, the engine and transmission in the 650S Sprint have both been calibrated to “further enhance on-track drivability and driver engagement,” according to the press release.

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Inside, the cabin has been stripped down for weight savings; however, the driver’s safety and comfort have not been compromised. The MonoCell chassis the cabin is built around is not only incredibly strong, it is also very light. Inside this chassis, the driver will be seated in a carbon fiber HANS-approved racing seat, complete with a full six-point harness. Additionally, the 650S Sprint will still have an air conditioning system.

Those looking to purchase the car should know that it will cost £198,000 (approx. $332,000 USD) and will be available from all official McLaren trailers worldwide, or direct from McLaren GT.


(Source: McLaren)


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