570S 675LT McLaren

Top 5 McLaren Colors

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Color is one of those important nuances in life that can evoke a number of responses. Blue brings a sense of calm. Red represents fiery anger or passion. From clothing companies to therapy centers and of course, the automotive industry, colors are chosen are meticulously chosen to bring attention or make a statement. Supercars are no exception. Here are the Top 5 McLaren colors.

5. Vermillion Red

Red is a color that stands out and for that reason, it’s used on vehicles rather often. It’s the signature color or some of the main supercar brands (hello Rosso Corsa), and for good reason. When a red car, especially one as stunning as a supercar makes its way down the street, people can’t help but stop and stare. Vermillion Red combined with the notoriety of McLaren makes for the ultimate statement on the roads. This particular McLaren 650S uses the bright, bold red as a main color and an interior accent.

mclaren red exterior
mclaren red interior

2016 McLaren 650S Spider Info

  • Mileage: Contact Dealer
  • Color: Vermillion Red exterior / Black and Vermillion Red interior
  • Special features: Carbon fiber Exterior Upgrade Package

Price: Contact Dealer


McLaren 650S Spider For Sale

4. Chicane

For some car enthusiasts, stealth is the name of the game, and nothing says stealthy like the sheen, understated shimmer of a gray finish. McLaren offers an exclusive gray color known as Chicane, which makes the vehicle look like a gliding bullet in motion. Accented with red calipers and complimented by a Carbon Black Interior

mclaren smoke exterior
mclaren smoke interior

2016 McLaren 675LT Info

  • Mileage: 437
  • Color: Chicane Gray exterior / Carbon Black interior
  • Special Features: Carbon Fiber Exterior Upgrade Pack

Price: $409,900

Sterling Auto

3. Napier Green

For those who want to stand out in a crowd and do so with unconventional flare, a stunning, lime style, Napier Green might do the trick. This color is bold, and fierce, just like the McLaren 675LT. It commands attention at all angles and its raw, vibrant hue elicits excitement much like the adrenaline rush driving a McLaren brings. Statements are meant to be daring and fearless, which makes Napier Green a perfect choice for the McLaren’s finish. This McLaren features a Carbon Black interior with touches of the lively Napier Green throughout the stitching.

mclaren lime green exterior
mclaren lime green interior

2016 McLaren 675LT Coupe Info

  • Mileage: 480
  • Color: Napier Green exterior / Carbon Black Alcantara interior w/ Napier stitching
  • Special Features: Matte Carbon Fiber Exterior Package and Matte Carbon Fiber Interior Trim Package

Price: $399,888

McLaren Newport

2. Lantana Purple

Another unconventional, standout color turning heads is Lantana Purple. This color is deeply saturated and vibrant, as well as rare and modern. Native to South America, the lantana is a vibrant, purple flower that grows wild in a flower cluster known as an “inflorescence”. It’s no wonder McLaren chose this color as one of its signature finishes, and though it isn’t likely to see this color in any kind of cluster of vehicles, the McLaren 675LT is definitely wild. This particular example pulls the dominant color into the seats and stitching in the interior for an even more dramatic effect.

mclaren purple exterior
mclaren purple interior

2016 McLaren 675LT Info

  • Mileage: 292
  • Color: Lantana Purple exterior / Black and Lantana interior
  • Special Features: Contact Dealer

Price: $434,950


1. Onyx Black

There’s nothing quite as sleek and inviting as a pristine, shiny black car, especially when it can reach 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Black exudes elegance and posh style while embodying stealth and allure. It’s the perfect color for just about any supercar, but looks especially inviting on this Can-Am Heritage edition McLaren 650S Spider. With homage paid to the Can-Am racing tradition, this McLaren 650S Spider features a black finish with carbon fiber hood and exclusive livery. To bring the look together, the red is found throughout the interior including two-tone seats and customized stitching. This McLaren will definitely stand apart from the rest.

mclaren stripe exterior
mclaren stripe interior

2016 McLaren 650S Spider Can-Am Heritage Edition Info

  • Mileage: Contact Dealer
  • Color: Onyx Black exterior / Black and Red interior
  • Special Features: Can-Am Heritage edition

Price: $386,604

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