10 Reasons 675LT McLaren Why To Buy

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a McLaren 675LT

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When it comes to racing, the car most likely to win is the one that makes no sacrifices in weight or aerodynamics. For the original McLaren F1, it was able to dominate the 1995 season thanks to its LT, or Long Tail. The new 675LT is set to take on the world, so here are our top 10 on why you should be part of the action.

McLaren 675LT For Sale

  1. No Sway Bars: Using suspension technology that debuted on the MP4-12C, the LT has no physical connection between the left and right axles. Not only does this help to make the car lighter than any of its competitors, it offers very civilized manners on the street. Potholes and speed bumps won’t spill your coffee.
  2. State Of The Art: The 675LT is the most potent McLaren on the market, and will be for the time being. Buying a lesser equipped model is akin to showing up to a Corvette meet in a Lumina.
  3. Devilish Power: On the engine dyno, the 3.8L V8 makes 666 hp. It may be plenty for most drivers, but we recommend an aftermarket upgrade to surpass that ominous rating.
  4. Launch: If your daily driver has a difficult time overtaking other cars, the LT can sprint from 0 to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds.
  5. MPG: The 675LT is rated at 34.6 mpg in the UK, which roughly translates to 28.8 miles per gallon on US highways. We don’t know of another car at this power level capable of decent highway mileage
  6. MSO: McLaren Special Operations built several bespoke examples, so make sure to check the build sheet for special content. MSO equpped cars usually have higher resale value, which makes them great investments.
  7. Rarity: Only 500 cars were built, and they sold out within hours. You probably won’t see one at your local Cars & Coffee
  8. Weight: Only a few cars in recent history have offered a weight under 3,000 lbs. 675LT weighs in at 2,927 sans driver and fluids, yet another contributing factor to performance.
  9. Safety: Having brakes that are among the largest ever offered on a production car along with a one-piece carbon fiber cockpit, the 675LT offers more safety than any of its competitors
  10. Long Tail: The large rear spoiler is not just for heritage or looks. It is an electro-hydraulic marvel that is constantly moving. Working in conjunction with the brakes and stability systems, the tail is responsible for managing downforce and weight distribution through the corners.

If you don’t agree with these, the 675LT probably isn’t your cup of tea. But if you need to own the best, you know where to look. Stay tuned to Autofluence for more rare supercar coverage.

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