McLaren Senna

Learn Everything About the New McLaren Senna

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McLaren introduced the new Senna as an extreme road car that was built for terrorizing the track. While many were taken aback by the car’s overly aggressive design, it’s that design that helps the car achieve its goal of being a track monster. The aspect of the Senna’s design focusing more on function is detailed in Top Gear’s latest video. In the video, found below, Jack Rix takes us on a walk-around of McLaren’s new supercar. In the span of just under 8 minutes, Rix will give you a crash course on the car so next time you see one you can spout off a few facts and look like an expert on the car. Click play on the video below to learn about the McLaren Senna and bask in its glory.

Last McLaren Senna Auctioned for $2.67 Million