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Revealed: McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD Concept

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Created for CES® 2016, McLaren in collaboration with JVCKENWOOD, unveiled their newest technologically advanced concept. The design team at McClaren started out with their 675LT Coupe and lead designer, Peter Wilkins, incorporated the JVCKENWOOD CAROPTRONICS system while still maintaining the McClaren image. The result? A combination of classic McClaren style with cutting edge technology advancement. According to a press release from McLaren:

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“…the team created a layered and panoramic yet purposeful interior using a mix of classic McLaren materials and innovative new fabrics. Carbon Black Nappa Leather is used to finish the top of the bespoke dashboard, upper beltline and forward portion of the central floor tunnel.  A new Geometric Black Technical Fabric with a waxy grained finish to prevent reflections is applied to the area in front of the driver.  This is then positioned to appear as if it is floating by a strip of Satellite Grey Technical Fabric across the dash area and into the doors. Calypso Orange Nappa Leather is applied to the bolsters of the 675LT racing seats and to the armrests around the hip point.”

In addition, the center console is removed altogether and the steering wheel is replaced with that of the  McLaren P1™ GTR— McLaren’s most exclusive track model. The exterior of the 675LT remains largely unchanged with minor function changes to placement of cameras including the side and rear cameras. More noticeable are the JVCKENWOOD racing strips that travel the length of the front hood and roof.

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(Source: McLaren Automotive)