McLaren Photographer's Perspective

Photographer’s Perspective: McLaren MP4-12C by Tanner Mashburn

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Christmas time is here and that means people are running frantically through the mall or surfing the web for last minute gifts. For some people though, Chirstmas is the perfect time to treat themselves. This Christmas a client of mine purchased a Volcano Red Mclaren MP4-12C. I had seen volcano red earlier in the year in a dealership garage so I knew how good it looked. I arrived at the clients home where he has other cars such as a Lamborghini LP550-2, Aston Martin DBS, Rolls Royce Ghost, Underground Racing Lamborghini Superleggera LP1500 and a Roush Ford Raptor. I walked into the garage and there is was. It looked as incredible as I had remembered and I took several minutes to admire the car. I had originally planned to just take pictures nearby or even just in his driveway (the house is beautiful and makes for a good background by itself) but he suggested we go out to some really good locations and take the car on a “spirited run”.

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We took the car to the backroads and on a hill and the pictures looked great. It has been a while since I have shot a car where the doors can go up and I was taking full advantage of that in my photos. However, there was one thing that made this car so special: the color! Volcano Red is out of this world and in the sun it has to be my favorite color on any car (yes that does include verde ithaca). Every single time I would get out of the car my jaw would just drop at the sight of it. After getting all of the pictures we took the car for some quick runs on the interstate and really got a feel on how good this car really was. Not only is it the quickest car I have ever been in, it also has the smoothest ride. It is amazing how it can be as quiet and smooth as a Rolls Royce one second and then a complete animal with just the turning of a dial. I knew the MP4-12C was a good car but after spending several hours with it I realized it blows away the competition; and before anyone says the 458 is better, I have driven a 458 and I personally do not agree. I try to make every one of my photo shoots fun in some way for not only the owner but for me as well and this had to be the funnest photo shoot I have ever done!

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