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McLaren P1s in Supernova Silver and Tarocco Orange Detail Galleries

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McLaren Newport Beach always has a display in its showroom that is beyond impressive, but each and every one of the cars gathered there is deserving of its own musuem.

Luckily for us, they often take the time to showcase each car on its own with a photoshoot that takes us into a detailed look at what it means for a car to be a McLaren.

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They’ve recently shared two separate galleries that take a close look at a P1 wearing one of McLaren’s iconic colors. One features the warm Tarocco Orange and the other sports Supernova Silver.

Check out the galleries below to take a close look at these incredible paint jobs, and if you can’t make it in to McLaren Newport Beach to browse their inventory in person, you can check out their online listings by hitting the button below.

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Tarocco Orange P1 Gallery

Supernova Silver P1 Gallery

(Source: McLaren Newport Beach)


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