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McLaren P1 Sunset Cruise by McLaren Newport Beach

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Article by Daniel Gonzalez

In sun drenched Southern California, McLaren Newport Beach gathered a total of 7 McLaren P1s for a drive through Orange County on Friday, March 13, 2015. The P1 drive started at the McLaren Newport Beach dealership and ended at the luxurious St. Regis Monarch Beach resort.  Around 5 pm, the parade of P1s could be heard arriving at the contemporary dealership, allowing guests to delight in the sights and sounds before their departure.


Joining the fun and conversing amongst the owners was Paul Mackenzie, Program Director for the McLaren P1 of McLaren Automotive and Executive Director for McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the marque’s bespoke division. Also accounted for from McLaren Automotive North America were Francesca Bogard, Office Support Manager, and Hud Giles, Marketing and Communications Manager, who were also on hand to witness the spectacular gathering.


The cruise took place down the famous Pacific Coast Highway, which offered spectacular views the entire way. In total, the drive lasted roughly 30 minutes and took place just as the sun was setting over the Pacific Ocean. The typical California views one can expect were complemented all too well by evening light gleaming off of the supercars’ gorgeous curves.


Each McLaren P1 featured a dazzling paint finish, including: “Alaskan Diamond White,” “Acid Yellow,” “Volcano Yellow,” “Volcano Orange,” “Azure Blue” and “Fire Black.” Of the 7 P1s in attendance, only two shared the brilliant “Alaskan Diamond White” paint finish. Onlookers and beachside pedestrians all turned to view the train of McLaren supercars cruising by as their hybrid-assisted, twin turbo V8s created a howling buzz for all to hear. With highly-pressurized blow-off valves chuckling through the brief moment the turbochargers caught their breath, the invasion of P1s summoned all nearby cellphones, big smiles and thumbs-up.

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The convoy of McLaren supercars ventured through Newport Beach, Crystal Cove and ultimately made a grand appearance through Laguna Beach. Upon arriving at the St. Regis Monarch Beach resort, nothing but smiles from our guests were seen. Everyone couldn’t help but beam as the drive filled with breath-taking views came to an end. As the P1s were lining up at the valet roundabout, guests could be seen sharing their stories and pictures of the spectacle they just participated in. One by one, each P1 was positioned and the formation began summoning all from the resort to see the view.  The resort’s guests and staff couldn’t help themselves, and most everyone was taking photos. It’s not every day you see 7 McLaren P1s in the same location.


Once the cars were positioned and turned off to rest, the only sounds were laughter, excited conversation and the shutter sounds of cameras and cellphones snapping away. With all the McLaren drivers and their supercars accounted for, our guests were greeted with a cocktail reception overlooking a picture-perfect courtyard as the sun waned and shed its final light. From there our guests were treated to dinner and a special temperature-controlled private wine cellar, complete with the most prestigious of wines.

McLaren Newport Beach would like to personally thank all of our guests for joining us on this very special evening, and we look forward to our next event.

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(Source: McLaren Newport Beach)