600LT McLaren

One-of-a-kind “Comet Fade” McLaren 600LT

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A new, one-of-a-kind McLaren 600LT enhanced by McLaren Special Operation (MSO) has been unveiled after it’s delivery. This supercar was commissioned by a long-time customer who picked the “Comet Fade” appearance for the exterior.

The paint that creates the “Comet Fade” visual took MSO technicians 120 hours to complete. The paint used is “Coriolis Blend”, which is actually Cerulean Blue that fades into “Burton Blue” and then into Atlantic Blue. All of the MSO Technician’s efforts result in a visual that resembles the appearance of a comet flying by.

A list of MSO components has also been equipped to the “Comet Fade” 600LT, including three different Carbon Fiber Upgrade packs, a bespoke carbon fiber roof scoop, MSO Clubsport Pack and more.