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New McLaren 600LT and 720S Drag Race

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Hennessey Performance were the first customer in the United States to take delivery of the new McLaren 600LT. This is an exciting notion because it means the famous Texas-based tuner will surely be working on some upgrades for the already potent car. Also, Hennessey isn’t shy to test the power of their cars on the drag strip and they do a good job at filming the outings. 

For example, they’ve already taken their new 600LT out to the Pennzoil Proving Ground for a race against the 720S supercar. The race happened thanks to McLaren Houston, who brought the 720S over from their dealership. In the video above, you see the two McLaren racing in both a drag race and roll race, with one car being the victor in both races. Check it out for yourself by clicking play!