McLaren Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Bruce McLaren (Video)

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“Let’s start at the beginning,” says the slow and deep, but comforting voice that simulates Bruce McLaren, the founder of McLaren Racing. The short but moving video is of a 22 year-old McLaren’s backside, walking around a race track holding his racing helmet against his side, as slow music plays gently over his voice. It’s a tribute to McLaren Racing’s 50th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate then to tell the inspiring story of Bruce McLaren and his lasting legacy.

McLaren tells a story, showing his character and achievements that become chilling to the viewer. “I’ve always hated sloppy work,” he says when describing his annoyance with the fuel filler access door, “but an idea was soon born out of my frustration.” These are words that can inspire anyone who has ever been frustrated, to just be patient, and allow an idea or solution to come with time .


But tragedy arrived on June 2, 1970, when  McLaren crashed his Can-Am car on the Lavant Straight just before Woodcote corner at Goodwood Circuit in England. He was testing his new M8D when his rear bodywork came adrift at speed. At age 32, Mclaren was dead. He never saw the immense success of his company.

Many people who watch this video might think of his death as a terrible end to a life, but it really was just a beginning. “To do something well is so worthwhile,” says McLaren,”that to die trying to do it better, cannot be foolhardy. Life is not measured in years alone, but in achievement.” How inspirational are those words? It makes you want to live more than you have, to do things you have never done and to treasure every single breath.

And just when you think the video ends there, he says one final sentence that leaves you with goosebumps: “On that beautiful summer day, on that race track, I did something more than leave a name and a memory. Hopefully, I became an inspiration.”

What an amazing video McLaren put together to celebrate an incredible, inspirational man and their 50th anniversary.

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