720S McLaren

McLaren Unveils the Menacing MSO 720S Stealth

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The setting was LeMans in 1995. In the winner’s circle was a menacing McLaren F1 GTR painted in Sarthe Grey. It was probably inspired by the Lockheed Stealth Fighter, using aerodynamics ahead of its time to allow a street-legal car to win the world’s most famous race.

When McLaren was developing the 720S, they envisioned a stealth concept to pay tribute to that famous predecessor. And now, thanks to McLaren Special Operations, the 720S Stealth is available for order. In a press release this morning, we see hand-painted accents in Vermillion Red along with matte finish carbon fiber exterior trim. 

It takes the artists at MSO over 200 hours to add the red accents, and the theme continues inside the cockpit. The dash and seats are 2-tone black Alcantara with Apex Red contrasts. Their lightest wheels are the forged one-piece 10-spokes, finished in satin black with a red outer lip. The amount of unique content on this car could fill an encyclopedia, so take a close look at the finer details and click the link below to find our dealer nearest you.