McLaren Speedtail

McLaren Speedtail Will Be the World’s First Hyper-GT

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Up until now, we’ve called the upcoming McLaren Hyper-GT model “BP23.” This was just a codename. Now, we know what the next model in the Ultimate Series will be called: McLaren Speedtail.

McLaren says that they have informed all 106 clients that reserved the hybrid model when it was BP23 that it will be called Speedtail. Each of the 106 Speedtail created will be personalized to the customer’s liking through MSO’s abilities, meaning no two will be the same.

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The Speedtail is being touted as the fastest McLaren yet, being able to break the 243 mph barrier set by the F1. McLaren also says that the Speedtail will be the most luxurious model they’ve created as well.

The Speedtail is designed with a three-seat cockpit design, with the driver being centrally located. Sound familiar? Yup, that’s the same layout that we saw in the legendary F1.

McLaren notes that the entire allocation of Speedtails was spoken for before the car was even officially announced back in November 2016. Those who reserved one have had to wait a while, but production is set to begin by the end of next year and the car will get a public reveal before 2018’s end.