New McLaren Speedtail Getting Golden and Platinum Badges

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To be a true successor to the McLaren F1, only 106 examples of the upcoming Speedtail will be offered. Each one has been spoken for after a series of private previews. Information on the finer details will remain undisclosed until the formal reveal on October 26th, but the factory has offered a few hints to the car’s exclusivity.

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In the latest press release, we’ve learned the options for their iconic front badge. Because the 1,000 horsepower car is designed to go faster than 243 mph, you will need a badge capable of holding its own against the aerodynamic onslaught. So the front and rear badges are being made of 18-Carat white gold with carbon fiber inlays. The top of the badge has a tiny hallmark, laser etched to show where and when each one was cast.

If you don’t want 100 grams of gold, the Speedtail’s badging is also available in lacquer paint. For the ultimate connoisseur, the badges can also be ordered in platinum from McLaren Special Operations. The Speedtail will be uncompromising in its quality and performance, so stay with us for more updates and the reveal next week.

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