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McLaren P1 Tested by Motor Trend on Top Gear Test Track

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Today, Motor Trend’s Ignition channel aired its 108th episode, featuring the McLaren P1. Carlos Lago took on the British hypercar on its home turf at the Top Gear test track in Dunsfold, England, despite the conditions being slightly gray and drizzly, and the track being a little greasy.

As the P1 tears around familiar corners like the Hammerhead and Gambon, you’d almost expect to hear a Jeremy Clarkson voice-over – but Lago can hold his own. He brings you right to the front and center of the action, expertly flicking the 904-horsepower, rear-drive, street-legal racecar around corners, keeping things professional and classy. But he can’t hide it– he’s stoked. Between relaying biblical figures and groundbreaking engineering feats, Lago has the grin of a ten-year-old plastered to his face every time he hits the gas. We can’t blame him in the slightest.

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Motor Trend also has another treat in store for us: the episode includes a world-exclusive acceleration run in the P1. We’ll leave you to experience it for yourselves, but believe us, it hits 100 mph and does the quarter mile in unbelievably, absurdly short amounts of time.

With unadulterated McLaren racing pedigree influencing the P1’s aerodynamics, active suspension and braking control, this car is the pinnacle of advancement in automotive engineering. As part of a glorious triumvirate, along with LaFerrari and the Porsche 918, these cars will set benchmarks for decades to come. We’re not just seeing fast, we’re seeing automotive history as it’s made.

Special thanks to the Motor Trend team, Carlos Lago, Anthony Esposito and Cyrus Cambridge, for their continued efforts and talents.

(Source: Motor Trend Channel / YouTube)


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