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McLaren P1 LM Sets New Record at Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Hills were made for climbing, records are made to be broken, and McLaren’s P1 LM is capable of both. Goodwood is one of the largest automotive gatherings in the world, so it’s only fitting that an English car dominated the field. With Indy Car veteran Kenny Brack behind the wheel, the LM made the run in a record-breaking time of 47.07 seconds.

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Goodwood brings together the best drivers from every type of motorsport. Formula1 legends can be seen with NASCAR, rally and Indy winners, because the hill is a great equalizer of man and machine. Every year the Duke of Richmond invites the fastest drivers in their series to show off their talents on the course his Grandfather built in 1948. For unrestricted race cars, the record was set (by McLaren) in 1999 by a MP4/13 Formula1 car. That race ready car ran a 41.6, which makes the street legal P1 LM all the more impressive. Stay with us for more record breaking racing!

We had to replay the video to not only see the run, but also to hear Mike Skinner’s name from the color commentary.

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