McLaren P1 Photographer's Perspective

McLaren P1: Giovanna Edition by Thomas Vont

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It’s a P1 already made famous by its appearance on the cover of our June 2015 issue, but there’s nothing quite like seeing its carbon-fiber-filled beauty up close.

Thomas Vont, the photographer behind the shot, shared a little information with us about his experience during the shoot, as well as a few angles of the car not seen on our cover.


With a Nikon D5200 sporting an 18-105 mm lens, he captured the Giovanna Edition P1 in all its sleek, silver glory. As we described in the UnCOVERed article for the issue, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions wrapped this particular P1 in their Giovanna Edition Supreme Wrapping Film™.

“They had asked me specifically for a photo that represents something worthy of a magazine cover which also puts a good amount of emphasis on the wheels,” Vont told us about the shoot, and the final product does highlight those wheels quite beautifully.

To see the final result and pick up a copy of this issue for yourself, hit the button below and order for yourself, a friend or family member today. To see more of Thomas Vont’s photography, be sure to visit his Facebook page or Flickr page.

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