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McLaren Hits Record Sales Just in Time for Anniversary

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It’s been five years since the world met the McLaren 12C, and McLaren’s made nothing but positive progress since then. Three of the company’s five years putting out production vehicles have seen profits, a nearly unheard of precedent for a producer of low-number supercars.  In 2015, McLaren sold a record 1,624 total cars.

Additionally, profits from McLarens sold isn’t the only good news. As demand rises, more helping hands are needed. Employee numbers are up by 16% and research and development is up by 30% (good news for supercar fans). They invested a total of $65.1 million into research and development endeavors alone.


McLaren is also the recipient of a new shareholder who is making a cushy investment into the company’s future. According to a press release, “the Chairman of McKal Ltd is well-known to McLaren Automotive as an owner of two examples of the McLaren P1TM, as well as a frequent visitor to McLaren track events.” He’s now also a shareholder in the company.

Congratulations to McLaren and all their success! And we can’t wait to see what the Research and Development team is working on!

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