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McLaren GT Launch Mode Outruns Almost Everything

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Dr. Wernher von Braun developed the V2 rocket to hit London from Germany before the transistor was invented. As it was one of the most heinous weapons of WWII, he and his rocketeers made sure most of them were duds. PRO TIP: if you are losing a war, don’t fuel your rockets with moonshine! Many V2 rockets were launched near empty. After being hired by NASA, the Saturn V that took us to the moon was also his creation. As good as his Saturn V was, it seems that the English have won the battle for a perfect launch. In the latest upload from Motorsport Magazine, the McLaren GT Launch Mode outruns almost anything.

Back to the Apollo program, a moon launch took 13 seconds to leave the tower at a speed of 60 mph. For comparison, the McLaren GT takes 17 seconds to reach 143 mph, and it is much more affordable than a rocket. There is only 1 Saturn rocket on the market, and it is free if you can move it from the Marshall Space Flight Center. However, our dealers have a full lineup of new McLarens that are much more practical. Click the button above to find one near you and stay with us for the world’s fastest cars for sale.


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