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McLaren F1 Sells for $10 Million

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A McLaren F1 has sold for a price with eight digits, thanks to a recent transaction described in a May 5 article on DailyMail.co.uk.

A self-proclaimed automotive enthusiast from the U.K. purchased this McLaren F1, chassis 28, for an estimated $10 million. If these reports are true, this would be the most expensive McLaren F1 sold.

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This particular F1 was originally a gift from McLaren to racing driver Michael Andretti. Andretti’s signature is visible on the back of the sun visor, and the car is one of only two red McLaren F1’s. Andretti had this car for a couple years before selling it to a Japanese collector, and it has since been owned by two Californians.

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The car was found by James Cottingham, a vehicle acquisition consultant, who spent six months trying to find a car for his buyer. Once this car was found, it did not take long before a $10 million agreement was reached last month.

Cottingham has since had the car shipped to its new owner and original homeland in the U.K.











(Source: DailyMail.co.uk)


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