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McLaren F1 GTR and Ferrari 458 Italia in London

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In a video uploaded to YouTube by richnwilliams March 8, Skinny Tyre Productions followed a McLaren F1 GTR around London on a bicycle. Due to the slow moving traffic, the videographer managed to stick with the custom-painted supercar through traffic.

The car, officially dubbed “CESAR” or CES4R, according to its license plates, was joined at 1:20 in the video by a black Ferrari 458 Italia, and the two continued on through congested traffic. We’re not exactly sure whether to call this three and a half minute video car spotting car or a planned excursion.

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Either way, we enjoyed seeing the GTR pulling out of the grocery store parking lot and being used as a daily driver. Check out the video for yourself, and when you’re done, find your own Ferrari 458 Italia by clicking the button below.


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(Source: YouTube)

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