McLaren Automotive’s Headquarters Inside Look

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McLaren Automotive hasn’t been in the realm of production vehicles for very long, but they are already giving many of the world’s largest and oldest marques a serious run for their money.

In a video from CNNMoney, published to YouTube May 5, we get a quick look at the interior of their headquarters and factory in Woking, England, a futuristic looking location filled with their finest vehicles.


It’s within this building that McLaren devises its newest creations and innovations, something which seems to take them just a fraction of the time it should. As reported April 30, the marque plans to remain an independent manufacturer, as their agility in creation has been one of their greatest advantages as a new manufacturer.

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Give the video above a watch to see a peek at this center of intellectual genius, and then take a moment to find the perfect model from the marque for your collection. As always, stay with us to learn more about future releases from McLaren Automotive.

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(Source: YouTube)

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