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McLaren Automotive Sees Record Profit Growth in 2014

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McLaren Automotive hit the ground running when, in 2011, it first opened its doors as a production vehicle manufacturer, but their seemingly lofty goals have already more than paid off.

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McLaren’s headquarters in Surrey, UK

A press release from the marque issued today details the overall profit generated during 2014, which saw a reported 68 percent growth over 2013’s operating profit. Year after year, they’ve increased both the number of models available and the number of cars sold, with a large majority of their sales leaving the United Kingdom.

Around the world, 1,649 new McLarens were shipped in 2014, 1,401 of which were sold – an 18 percent increase over the number delivered in 2013. The increase in sales and popularity allowed for an increase in staffing and research and development as well, showing that every part of this manufacturer isn’t just surviving, but thriving, in its first five years of existence.

But particularly notable is the influence the P1 had in this growth – 2013 saw just 36 P1s ordered and delivered, but 248 made their way to owners in 2014. There will only be 375 created in total, meaning the P1 will likely hit the end of its production run before the end of fall 2015.

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The marque announced its intentions to remain an independent luxury manufacturer April 30. Though it may sound aggressively ambitious, the sales and growth records from the past few years make that plan all the more possible and likely.

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